He has had 2 serious knee injurys that had taken him away from skateboarding for 7 years, but within this time, he learnt about the human body, psychology and business studies and the different paths he thought he would be on if he did not recover. He was always happier playing football and being a skateboarder. Zain went through the surgeries and physiotherapy determined to skate again. To late to make a career out of sport but currently in a position to work within the industry, Zain became the OutReach Events Manager at Mount Hawke. This position involves him traveling up and down the country to different events, from festivals to fates to private functions with Mount Hawke’s mobile skate equipment. The perfect 6 ft mini ramp and the street obstacles are on the road for hire anytime so he always keen to customise a package that will suit.


He also offers coaching one on one or in big groups, such as schools. He is currently pushing a more skateboarding scheme into schools to encourage more students on skateboards, his aim is to give them some start up coaching to inspire health and fitness, hopefully introduce the skate bug to their lives and to give them a alternative to main stream sports. He believes this could work during PE time or a after school work shop or added to a extra curriculum activity.


He feels it can give students who are sometimes misunderstood, a sense of well being, give them structure, confidence and the opportunity to make friendships and unite people. He feels it is important to pass these experiences on because there were not many people to look upto when Zain was younger. Especially when it comes to conditioning your body and mind. Being a sporty person and having natural ability still needs structure! Using his back ground in Sports Science and skateboard experience, he feels he has a much clearer understanding of what it takes to become a good skateboarder, mentor and coach.

Zain is creative, committed and determined. They are the foundations in which he feels, is needed to become a dedicated and talented person, as well as a skateboarder. Zain has been skateboarding since the age of 13 and now at the age of 36, he wants to pass on the knowledge, he has gained from all of those years of learning and understanding. He has has a huge amount of experience and links within the skateboard culture and industry. From sponsorships to traveling and skating iconic spots around the world, he has dealt with setbacks such as serious injuries and there for learnt about recovery.

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