Formed in 1986, Mount Hawke Skatepark is one of the longest-running indoor parks in the UK. Built originally to meet the needs of young people living in rural Cornish communities, Mount Hawke started as an outdoor facility but was developed inside in 1996, becoming the South West's largest indoor skatepark.  


The majority of the current set-up was designed and completed by FourOneFour Skateparks in May 2016, with the pool being installed in February 2017 after being generously donated by Ramp City skatepark in Blackpool. 

The purpose-built warehouse stands at 24,000 square feet, and is split into different sections; street and transition, the 'black pool', the bowl, the rhythm section, the vert ramp, mini ramp alongside a new outdoor plaza and pump track, making us an all-weather facility. 




T H E  B O W L


S T R E E T  C O U R S E


"Mount Hawke has given confidence to many young people and helped provide parents with respite." Tracey Mears : Autism Society

"Mount Hawke has been a breeding ground for talent in extreme sports for years" Vision Nine Events Management

" I grew up here. Mount Hawke has had a major impact in my career and outlook" Ben Skinner, UK Pro Surfer

R H Y T H M  S E C T I O N


M I N I  R A M P


T H E  B L A C K  P O O L


T H E  P L A Z A  


T H E  V E R T  R A M P


T H E  P U M P  T R A C K  


Ciaran Ryder : Centre Manager

Grant Hudson : Business Support Manager

Sarah Porter : Community & User Liaison

Lou Short : Facilities Manager

Eddie Belvedere : Regional Skate Ambassador

Andrea Martin : Catering

Zain Ishmael : Outreach & Events

Elliott Mallinson : Operations & Media Creation

Leo Sharp : Operations & Photography

Cora Stocker : Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Elfie Gardner : Operations


Claire Arymar : Chair of Trustees

Stuart Burton : Vice Chair of Trustees

Scott Bentley : Treasurer

Vanessa Luckwell : Trustee

Kris Brac : Trustee

Craig Bracefield : Trustee

Natalie Rigby : Trustee

Greg Robinson : Trustee

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Mount Hawke Community Youth Group is a UK registered charity : Charity Number 1182950

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